Dear All,

Polish Ecological Club East Pomerania Branch sends  the most cordial wishes of exceptional family Easter holidays spent with family and friends. Also tasty eggs and other delicacies!



Priecīgas un saules pielietas Lieldienas! 

Lai dabas atmodas svētki katra sirdī zaļus asnus zeļ!


Ar cieņu,

Edgars Tavars



Dear Elita

If you celebrate Easter, we would like to wish you and your family a very relaxing holiday full of chocolate eggs and long lunches! Elita, we had time to make our own Easter card for you and it can be seen here: Elita's Card.

We have started a re-branding exercise while working on CHP projects in the Middle East and Africa and awaiting what Brexit means for energy efficiency and CHP in the United Kingdom. I look forward to update you on our newest CHP projects and new website shortly after the break. Until then, Elita, take care and enjoy the holidays!

All the best

Peter Kindt
Alfagy Ltd